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Next Generation Screens.

Constructed of nickel, they are both durable and chemical resistant. AccuScreen mesh crossovers are completely flat and integrated as part of the screen product. The squeegee printing surface is perfectly flat compared to the woven wire knuckles for woven screen mesh products. Designers now have the option of using different mesh patterns such as rectangles, squares, circles and ovals. However hexagon mesh shapes are recommended since they eliminate mesh angle variations seen in woven mesh products.


Designed to replace traditional metal mask screens for printing thick film inks and other materials. AccuScreens are also suitable replacements for traditional screens in some applications. Durable and chemical resistant so they can be used with a wide range of materials. AccuScreens can also be designed to print on uneven surfaces with a portion of the assembly protruding, allowing a lower plane to be printed.


  • Mesh pattern shape can be adjusted to material flow and viscosity properties.
  • Greater print deposit uniformity and higher printing yields.
  • Higher resolution printing is achievable.
  • Longer life, up to 10 times longer than traditional screens.
  • Aggressive cleaning solvents can be used.