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NicAlloy Laser Cut Stencils - Hybrid Stencil


Ideal for Fine Pitch Components Including BGAs, QFNs and Resistor Networks

Photo Stencil's NicAlloy™ Stencils are the premier laser cut stencils in the industry. Beginning life as a laser cut stencil, followed by a secondary process utilizing Photo Stencil’s own proprietary NiPlate™ technology, which further extends the capabilities. The product is then optionally finished with SmartRelease™. NicAlloy™ is ideal for fine pitch components including BGAs, QFNs and resistor networks. This stencil is surpassed in the industry only by our electroformed stencils.


  • Ideal for applications with high density, mixed components down to an Area Ratio .46
  • NiPlate™ delivers ultra smooth aperture walls with superior paste release.
  • Improved Under Screen Cleaner performance.
  • Long life from high tensile strength NiPlate™.
  • Step Stencils available to enhance solder paste volume in selected areas.
  • Higher assembly yields from successful solder paste printing.
  • As with all Photo Stencil metal stencils available with SmartRelease™ a nano coating technology.
  • Available as a Step Stencil.

What is NiPlate™?

Exclusive Photo Stencil plating process, born from our unique expertise in electroform technology and designed to extend the capability of laser-cut stencils.