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OEM Blades

High Quality, Durable, Custom, Fast Delivery

Photo Stencil’s range of OEM replacement squeegee blades are designed and manufactured as a superior and affordable replacement for the original squeegee blades that are available from stencil printer manufacturers. The specially designed blade edge provides print performance and life exceeding that of a standard squeegee blade as provided with the original stencil printing equipment.


Quality Print Performance:
High performance metal squeegee blades at economical pricing

OEM BladesCustom Based Blades: Regardless of your manufacturing problem, talk to the experts at Photo Stencil about how we can help. From special notched and slit blades to matched stencil and squeegee pairs for maximum life and process flexibility.

Fast Delivery:
Quick turn-around on special, custom designed OEM Blades.

Available In A Wide Variety:
Photo Stencils OEM metal squeegee blades are manufactured in a wide variety of configurations to fit many of the common metal squeegee holders including

DEK, MPM, Fuji, EKRA, Panasonic & Speedprint