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SmartRelease™ NanoCoat Stencil Technology


Revolutionary New Stencil Finish

A revolutionary new stencil finish from Photo Stencil for Electroform and laser cut stencils. Provided as a post production service to your new or existing stencils. SmartRelease not only proves to be a significant production cost saver, with reduced consumable costs, faster production cycles and fewer defects. It is also a process enabler, extending the capability of the standard Electroform and Laser cut stencils. By improving the paste release from the stencil.

Just as technology gets smaller the apertures are getting smaller. Paste release starts to become an issue. Paste contaminates the underside of the stencil. Which affects your yield with increased defects. Bridging, insufficient solder deposits, flux deposits and solder balls on the PCB. Such that the stencil requires frequent cleaning. This reduces production efficiency, increases production cost.

Cost savings such as cheaper USC paper and cleaning solutions are not always effective and can cause more issues than they solve.

How does SmartRelease help you?

By increasing the Fluxophobicity of the stencil underside and its aperture, we can improve; USC performance, stencil to PCB gasketing, better paste release, less defects from bridging and insufficient solder paste and increased stencil capability. Which in turn will give; Increased production efficiency, greater first pass yield, less time spent cleaning and extended process capability.

Ultimately saving you:

Time - Giving you the time for more production or other value added functions.
Money - Reduced cleaning = Reduced consumable cost.
Head aches with stencil designs.

How does it work?

Photo Stencil’s SmartRelease is an in house proprietary process. New and existing stencils can be treated, stainless steel, nickel, laser cut and Electroform. It works by improving the Fluxophobicity of the stencil. Because system is only 3 to 4 nanometers thick and extremely hard wearing it has no effect on stencil design, pastes than can be used or the cleaning process.