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Photo Stencil offers a complete range of squeegee blades depending on the requirements of your application. From standard applications to matched blades and stencils for maximum life and process flexibility. Fits many of the common metal squeegee holders including DEK, MPM, Fuji, EKRA, Panasonic & Speedprint.

E-Blade®: Photo Stencil's E-Blade electroformed squeegee blade is proven to provide improved print deposition and uniformity of print volume over the entire image. It offers a rigid, low friction, nickel edge for cleaner prints, reduced stencil wear, and less material waste. Read more

DuraGlide™: Photo Stencil’s patented DuraGlide metal squeegee blades are unique, both in their materials and design. They are manufactured according to a proprietary in-house process. Read more

OEM Replacement Blades: Photo Stencil’s range of OEM replacement squeegee blades are designed and manufactured as a superior and affordable replacement for the original squeegee blades that are available from stencil printer manufacturers. Read more

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(1) Electroformed squeegee blade for surface mount screen printing; Patent 5,746,127.
(2) Metal squeegee blade with Titanium Nitride coating; Patent 5,947,021.