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Electroform Stencils and SMT Stencil Technology

The need to satisfy more rigorous printing requirements due to finer pitch components leads to a natural hierarchy of stencil technologies based on the application. The hierarchy advances through the technologies, starting with laser and reaching Electroformed and electroformed NiEx stencils, which are used for very fine pitch SMT (i.e. 16 mil QFP and µBGAs) and wafer bump applications. The electroformed product lines can address additional applications needs such as .1 mil increments in stencil thickness requirements.

Photo Stencil can assist in selecting the best performance stencil for your needs. As the technology leader in stencils and SMT tooling, Photo Stencil can provide stencils in all of the currently available technologies. With a range of post processing processes to complete the offering. Photo Stencil has the experience and knowledge to recommend an unbiased solution for any printing need. More information related to the stencil hierarchy and specific applications is available from a Photo Stencil representative.

Photo Stencil offers all technologies available for the manufacture of stencils and related products. The specific technology required for an application is dependent on many variables such as:

  • Smallest pitch to be printed
  • The mix of components being placed on the board
  • The area ratio calculation of the smallest component

*Step stencils available in all stencil technologies except NiCut.