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Electroform Stencils


NiEX™ Electroformed Stencil, Hard Nickel, Ultra Thin - Available in 1 to 3 mil thicknesses

SMT stencilsThe NiEX stencil has a higher Knoop Hardness (HK) than our standard Electroform product for those very thin, less than .003 applications such as wafer bumping or flux printing. Read more ...


Electroform™ Stencil - Nickel For SMT, BGA, Flipchip, and Wafer Bumping Applications

Our electroformed stencils have set the standard for the SMT industry with superior printing characteristics and lower defect rates. The electroformed stencil is used extensively for (20 mil to 12 mil pitch) SMT applications and chip components like 0201 and 01005. It is also used for µBGAs, Flip Chip, and Wafer Bumping (12 mil to 6 mil pitch). Read more ...


3-D™ Electroform Nickel Stencil

Electroform Stencil - step3-D Electroform stencils are ideal for printing on substrate surfaces that have protrusions rising above the print surface. An example of this type protrusion might be a flip-chip device already mounted on the PCB prior to solder paste printing. A single thickness Electroform Stencil is formed with a raised relief pocket positioned over the protrusion. Read more ... .


*Step stencils available in all stencil technologies.