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NiCut™ Electroform Nickel Stencils

With Laser Cut Apertures

Photo Stencil’s range of NiCut stencils are the premier laser-cut stencils in the industry. Beginning life as an electroform stencil, followed by a secondary process utilizing Photo Stencil’s own proprietary technology, which further extends the capabilities. These stencils utilize our electroform blank foil material to obtain the smoothest cut from our fiber optic laser system.

NiCut is ideal for fine pitch components including BGAs, QFNs and resistor networks. This stencil is surpassed in the industry only by our electroformed stencils.


OEM BladesIdeal for applications with high density and mixed components.


  • Proprietary E-Form process coupled with latest laser technology delivers ultra smooth aperture walls.
  • Improved paste transfer.
  • Quickest turn-around available.
  • Economical high performance stencil.
  • Available with SmartRelease™ nano coating technology.

* Not available in step stencils.