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Frameless Stencil Systems



VectorGuard is a patented frameless stencil tensioning system offering significant advantages over conventional stencil technologies. Taking all the benefits of frame-mounted stencil systems, VectorGuard improves upon them and delivers a solution capable of meeting diverse manufacturing requirements.

Available in a range of stencil foils, this reusable and recyclable technology prioritizes operator safety, system rigidity and ease-of-use for exceptional results.

Frame Specifications can be found here. Frameless Stencil Systems

Why use VectorGuard?.

  • Easy-to-use: high accuracy foil tensioning and alignment is automatic, minimizing training investment and reducing mounting time to seconds.
  • Unique design enables safer handling: an extruded aluminum guard is securely attached to the foil through interlocking molded plastic corners.
  • Quality: Guaranteed through proven, state-of-the-art laser-cutting equipment.
  • Enhanced rigidity: retrieve, fit and tension the foil with confidence.
  • Space efficient storage: protective cassettes reduce storage space by up to 75% compared to conventional stencils.
  • Recyclable: stencils are reusable, boosting cost-efficiency and convenience.
  • Compatible with virtually any modern platform.
  • Available stencil thickness: 75μ / 3mil, 100μ / 4mil, 125μ / 5mil, 150μ / 6mil, 175μ / 7mil, 200μ / 8mil and 250μ / 10mil.


Photo Stencil can also manufacturer and supply stencils for the following systems;

QTS Wizard: Photo Stencil has all of the stretch opening patterns and the plastic protector frame for the QTS Wizard system.

Tetra and Vectra Frameless Systems: Photo Stencil is licensed and has all the stretch border patterns on file for any of the Tetra or Vectra frameless systems.