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Head Assemblies and Shims


Photo Stencil supplies squeegee blade head assembly tools for all squeegee blade types including E-Blade® squeegee blades, DuraGlide™ squeegee blades, CA squeegee blades, and polyurethane squeegee blades for all common stencil printing machines.

Head Assembly
Head Assembly for an MPM Speedline with an 8" DuraGlide Squeegee Blade in the Assembly.


Fuji Shim with a 10" Duraglide Squeegee Blade in the shim. Also shown are paste retainers on both sides of the blade.



Head Assemblies are offered for the following stencil printing machines:
  • DEK
  • MPM Speedline
  • EKRA
  • Panasonic
  • Quad
  • Fuji