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Premium Wiper Blades


Photo Stencil provides premium wiper blades for both DEK and MPM stencil printers. These wiper blades have a protective titanium nitride coating and are custom designed and engineered by Photo Stencil.

Photo Stencil wiper blades provide the proper balance between flexibility and rigidity, thus allowing the wipers to conform to variations in stencil print board designs.


  • Recommended for use with MPM Rheometric Pump and DEK Proflow Heads
  • Well-suited to printing fine pitch devices and for apertures as large as 6000 microns
  • Ideal for printing Intrusive Reflow Through-Hole apertures


As a result of the titanium nitride coating and custom engineering, these premium wiper blades have greatly increased lifespan and lower wear characteristics, when compared to printing with conventional squeegee blades. The most visible advantage that can be seen during the stencil print process is the lack of paste trailing on the topside of the stencil. This greatly increases repeatability in the number of "clean" solder bricks and leads to consistent "shearing" of paste across the surface of the stencil.