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Accu Screen Mesh NickelScreens

  • AccuScreen - Constructed of nickel, they are both durable and chemical resistant. AccuScreen mesh crossovers are completely flat and integrated as part of the screen product.
  • Stainless Steel Mesh Screen - The metal mask screen is made of a stainless steel mask rigidized with Nickel plating and a thin Nickel foil surface instead of conventional emulsion.
  • Polly Screen
  • Pre-sensitized Screen

Photo Stencil has been manufacturing quality thick film screens since 1979. In house laser photo plotters with 1/16 mil resolution are used to create precision artwork for making imaged Thick Film Screens as well as Metal Mask Screens. Photo Stencil provides Pre-Sensitised Emulsion Screens, for customers who wish to image their own screens. High resolution artwork is also available for these customers.

Thick Film ScreensA full line of mesh sizes, ranging from 80 to 400 wires per inch, are available in stainless steel. Calendered stainless steel mesh is available in 325 and 400 wires per inch. Polyester mesh is also available in most mesh counts. Several emulsion types are available.

Screen Products

Mesh: Stretched and bonded to the frame to any manufacturing specifications.

PreSensitized Emulsion: Stretched, bonded and emulsion coated. Ready for quick and easy imaging at the customer's facility.

Imaged: Stretched, bonded and emulsion coated and imaged. Ready printing. Image screens are stretched to the prescribed tension per customer specifications, coated with one of the high performance emulsions listed under emulsion specifications to the specified emulsion thickness, exposed using high resolution artwork and precision exposure unit, then developed to form an imaged thick film screen ready for printing.

Frame SpecificationsEmulsion Data

PS-SWR: Good resolution and edge definition with excellent abrasion resistance. Easy processing characteristics and excellent water resistance.

PS-MSP2D and MS-P2: A PVA/SBQ pure photopolymer emulsion. Excellent fine line resolution and edge definition. Easy processing and high solvent resistance.

Frame Specifications

Frame Specifications: Frame Inner Diameter, Frame Outer Diameter, Frame Thickness (inches), Pattern Size (inches)

Metal Mask FilmStainless Steel Mesh Specifications: Mesh Count, Wire Diameter (inches), Overall Thickness, Open Area (inches) Open Area Tension (N/cm), Wet Print Thickness (inches)