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Space Saver Stencil System


29" x 29" (736mm x 736mm) Space Saver Frame

Photo Stencil provides frames that take up less space in your storage racks while still providing the same functionality of a full size frame. These Space Saver frames are available to replace the normal 29" x 29" x 1.5" (736mm x 736mm x  38.1mm) frames used in most printing systems today with a frame that is ½" (12.7mm) thick. Some printing systems will accept these thinner frames with no modification. For those systems that must use a 1.5" (38.1mm) thick frame, we have a master frame with 2 locator pins that correspond to alignment holes in the space saver frame. Both the master frame and the space saver are the same 29" x 29" (736mm x 736mm) OD. You will be able to store 3 frames in the same area as you now store 1 conventional frame.

Frame Specifications can be found here.


The Space Saver system is available in 23" x 23" (584.2mm x 584.2mm) OD frames as well. This frame is ½" (12.7mm) thick as compared to the normal 1" (25.4mm) of a conventional frame. You will be able to store 2 frames in the same slot as 1 regular 23" x 23" (584.2mm x 584.2mm). This system also uses a master frame to compensate for the change in thickness inside the printing machine.
Space Saver Frame Space Saver Stencil System Space Saver Stencil System Space Saver Frame