Stencil Design Information

Below are the different areas that we believe make a strong Stencil Design Team. We are sure you will agree with us that we are the best choice when it comes to Stencil Design.

Find Out What Makes A Good Stencil Design Team!

CAD Experience

Our CAD Department is run by Bill Vaughn under the direction of Rachel Short who has worked at Photo Stencil since 2000. Each new designer undergoes extensive in-house training for this position. We also have the experience of Dr. Bill Coleman who has been working in the stencil industry since 1986. We know that experience counts so we perform quality checks throughout the design process. We know if we have the right people, in the right place, at the right time, then we can make a high performing reliable product each time. That is what our Stencil Design Team does every day.
  • Over 20 Experienced CAD designers worldwide
  • 100+ Years of Stencil Design and CAD drafting.
  • Stencil Design Teams based in USA, Malaysia, and Mexico.

Quality Checks

Quality is our biggest concern. We have developed many different checks and processes to allow us to guarantee a quality product every time. Each stencil design follows the following processes to ensure a quality design each and every time.
  • Quality Assurance Check List
  • In Process QC Processes
  • Automated Processes
  • Design Rule Reviews
  • Check Plot Files can be sent to customer upon request
  • Customer Profiles can ensure standards for each order
  • Area Ratio Verification


To ensure our capabilities keep up with the demands of the industry Photo Stencil partnered with IGI (Infinite Graphics) to create a specifically designed stencil software that allows us to stay ahead of our customers' requirements.  This specific software and our highly experienced team allow us to successfully create footprint libraries for standard modifications per customer, per engineer or per end customer to ensure repeatable and reliable modifications each time.

Accepted File Formats:
  • I274X (Preferred File Format)
  • ODB++ Data
  • All Gerber Files
  • Auto CAD
Free File Readers:
File viewer for .tgz (odb++) files
For gerber files

File Archive

We archive every stencil design our team works on. This allows us to reference the file if the customer ever needs that file or a part of that file again at a later time. This also has allowed our customers access to files that they have misplaced and we were able to retrieve.
  • Over 5700 customer footprints built
  • CAD files and documentation archived
  • Over 250,000 Stencil files archived

Upon request we can provide you with a log-on to your own secure FTP site. Please e-mail your sales representative for more information about using our FTP site.

Remote Support

Go To Meeting allows us to better support our customers, to let us see their problems first hand and help them resolve them quickly. To meet now click here.