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Blade Guide Blade Guide: Interactive Squeegee Blade Selection Guide provides characteristics to look for when choosing a squeegee blade, the types of blades available, and information about which blade to use for a particular application and printer make and model. Sizes and prices are listed for each Photo Stencil part number. Wiper blades, squeegee holders, head assemblies, and shims are also included in the Guide.

Seminars: Stencil designs for a variety of applications will be reviewed in detail. SMT Assembly Tools (Wave Solder Pallets, Process Carriers etc.) and SMT Assembly Inspection Tools will also be covered. A complete workbook of all information including reference information will be provided to all attendees. The class is held at the Photo Stencil, Colorado Springs facility or customer sites.

Ask The Experts: When we say 'Ask The Experts', we mean just that. At Photo Stencil, you have access to the most advanced tools and experienced set of printing experts in the industry. 

Technical White Papers: Browse our library for some of the most popular published articles that you may find useful in your efforts to improve your process results. Some of the recent "Short Scoop" articles are part of an exciting new column by our Rachel Miller-Short with SMT Magazine.

The Short Scoop Column by Rachel Miller-Short as seen in SMT Magazine: Rachel Short is vice president of sales and marketing at Photo Stencil. As a business school graduate of the University of Colorado, she immediately stepped into technical sales in the electronics and pneumatics industry. Her last 10 years have been spent providing technical solutions and application support for key companies in the industry.

Electroformed Stencils vs Laser-cut Stencil Study Results - NEW
A total of 12 stencils, four stencils of different stencil technologies with three different coating configurations, will be tested as described below:

  1. Electroform (E-FAB) w/o Nano Coat and with and Nano Coat A and Nano Coat B
  2. Laser-Cut Electroform foil (NiCut) w/o Nano-Coat and with Nano Coat A and Nano Coat B
  3. Laser-Cut SS (Laser FG) w/o Nano Coat and with Nano Coat A and Nano Coat B
  4. Laser-Cut SS with Electropolish and Nickel plating (NicAlloy), w/o Nano Coat and with Nano Coat A and Nano Coat B